December 2, 2010

Philippines Among The Top Countries With Newest Facebook Signups

Aside from the Philippines ranking 6th in the top 10 countries with the most number of Facebook users, the Philippines is also in 4th place in terms of the most number of new users within the past 3 months.

According to socialbakers and, the Philippines has gained a total of 2,533,040 new signups on Facebook, a 13.5% growth within the 3 month interval, bringing the total up to 18,768,040 Filipinos on the largest social networking site.

United States tops the 3 month growth, followed by Indonesia and Mexico.

The Philippines is also less than 2 million users away from surpassing France for the 5th spot.

Interestingly, Asia now constitutes over 122 million Facebook users with Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand acquiring new Facebook users in the hundred thousands to millions within the past quarter.


Maikeru Sazu said...

Will Facebook become the new Friendster?!

jay said...

@Maikeru: It already has. No ones talking about friendster, and if they do logon, it's only to get in touch with the few who haven't migrated to Facebook yet.

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