November 19, 2010

Pilipinas Kay Ganda Facebook Slogan & Logo Generator App

Much controversy lately has circled around the Department of Tourism's new slogan being "Pilipinas Kay Ganda."   Much online clamor widespread on social networks bearing disapproval for the new slogan saying that foreigners are likely to miss out on translation and sounded less appealing.   The previous slogan "Wow Philippines!" was already very catchy and easily comprehensible to foreigners.  People on Facebook and twitter kept posing the question "Why change it ?"

Facebook App Pilipinas Logo Generator

In lieu of this, a clever individual created a Facebook app where any user could replace the word "Pilipinas" with any other word and the result would be a spoofed logo of the one created by the Department of Tourism.   So if you entered "Vice", you'd get this logo (a perfect fit for comedian Vice Ganda).
Unfortunately, the short-lived Facebook app at ( or ) seems to have been taken offline as the URL doesn't work anymore.

The popularity of the app came about from the additional controversy after people pointed out that the new "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" logo looked very similar to that of Poland's logo.   DOT said that the similarities were purely coincidental, but online communities think otherwise.  

To make matters worse, one translation of "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" (beautiful Pilipinas) goes to a pornography website, another coincidence sprouting from the new slogan.

All the issues raised from the campaign has created a big stir online mostly on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

UPDATE:  The facebook app is back online again and working.  Click on the link above.


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