October 25, 2010

Philippines Moves Up To Rank 6 On Facebook

Based on checkfacebook.com, the Philippines moves up 2 notches to Rank 6 as the country with the most number of facebook users.   Last week, the Philippines ranked 8th with 16,800,860 users registered with Facebook.

This week, the Philippines beat Canada and Italy to gain the 6th spot currently with 17,620,720 registered users giving the country a 3.27% global audience share on Facebook.

Gender distribution reveals that there are more Filipino Facebook female users than male.   Females constitute 52.5% totalling to 9,193,640 users while males constitute 47.5%  or 8,332,200 of the total Philippine Facebook population.

The age bracket with the biggest population is 18-24 with  7,284,920, 41% of the total Filipino Facebook population.  It's also interesting to note that there are 157,780 Filipino Facebook users over the age of 65.   Thanks to the likes of the Lola Techie campaign of Bayantel for possibly encouraging more lolos and lolas to use Facebook.

The top 10 countries on Facebook are:
10 Largest Countries
1. United States      142,631,260
2. Indonesia      29,363,800
3. United Kingdom      28,038,000
4. Turkey      23,036,280
5. France      19,592,080
6. Philippines      17,620,720
7. Italy      17,241,780
8. Canada      16,980,140
9. Mexico      16,630,320
10. India      14,852,060


cLiNz said...

Wow.. internet addicts talga mga pinoy..hihi

verymuchobssesed said...

.. addicted sa social networking sites (FACEBOOK)

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