August 25, 2010

Venus Raj Fans Create A Major Major Facebook Page

Filipinos took note of Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s answer in the Miss Universe pageant when asked “What was the one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right?”.

Venus answered “In my 22 years of existence there is nothing major major problem I've done that I have done in my life.” The phrase “major major” caught the attention of people, since it’s not a common phrase in the English language. On Twitter, Fashion designer Rajo Laurel tweeted that Venus’ answer translated in Filipino is “Wala po akong naging problema sa buhay ko na BONGGANG-BONGGA!" And it does seem like that what Venus’ answered is a direct translation.

Major Major Facebook Fan Page
A facebook fan immortalized this moment by creating a facebook fan page entitled “Major Major.” In a span of a day after creating the page, there have been 500 people who “liked” it and is still growing. People who have added the page to their favorites, have commented that they loved her answer and that she had the coolest answer and gave her thumbs up for the very “Filipino” phrase. Some have wittingly used it in their comments as well like “You made me major major happy” and “I major major love your answer” And “Super major major congrats!”

While Venus only placed 4th runner up, she still accomplished an amazing feat by which Filipinos are proud of. And her major major answer is now being adapted as a Filipino expression.


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